Residential Wind Power

NW Wind & Solar offers grid-tied wind-powered electricity generating systems for your home. Depending upon your site, we’ll install the Skystream™ wind turbine utilizing a guyless tower — a hollow steel pole — that has been specifically engineered for your installation. The tower will either be secured to the ground with an engineered footing or to an engineered structure.

In a grid-tied system, the electricity produced by the wind flows to your own electric meter to supplement the existing electric supply from the utility. When the wind is blowing, your home will consume the electricity produced by the wind first; when it’s still, you’ll draw electricity from the grid. Should you produce more electricity than your home consumes at any given time, the excess electricity is fed back into the public utility grid, turning your electricity meter backwards. This also produces energy credits that can be used against your annual electricity consumption. In addition to the net meter, a production meter recording the total number of kilowatt hours produced by your wind system allows you to receive production incentive payments from your utility.

Typical residential wind power system

Residential Wind Electric Systems usually consist of a pole-mounted wind turbine installed in an unobstructed area. Heights start at 35 feet tall but can be higher in order to capture steady prevailing winds. Rotor diameters range from 4-15’ long and average electricity production with prevailing 12 mph winds yields approximately 400 kWh per month.

Site considerations

Typically, wind turbines are installed at least 20 feet above any obstructions that could block or redirect wind and 250 feet away from obstructions in all horizontal directions. As a rule of thumb, wind energy is best utilized in areas with average annual wind speeds over 10 miles per hour and on properties of ½ acre or more. Local zoning laws must allow for structures as tall as your system, typically 35 ft, and your electric utility provider should have a standard interconnection agreement.

Wind Energy Assesment via

Check out this wind power system site evaluator. Just type in your address (including city and state) for a quick evaluation of your local wind speeds and the appropriateness of a wind turbine system for your location. NW Wind & Solar does not collect any information from this activity.

According to AWEA, the American Wind Energy Association, half the land mass in the United States has sufficient wind to make a small turbine viable. NW Wind & Solar will ensure your wind installation meets your jurisdictional requirements, building code regulations, and is designed to maximize renewable energy production for your site and conditions.

Is a residential wind power system right for me?

The best way to tell is through a free, no obligation preliminary site evaluation and proposal. A NW Wind & Solar expert will come to your home, survey the site, answer your questions, and prepare a proposal for the installation of a wind power system. Then the choice is up to you.

There has never been a better time to install a wind power system.

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