Home & Business Power

Full Electrical Services

While we are known primarily as a solar installation company, as a division of SME Inc. of Seattle, NW Wind & Solar also offers our customers electrical services. Our electricians have the knowledge, experience and resources to fix a simple receptacle or upgrade your lighting to more efficient LEDs.

Emergency Backup Power

Our winter storms and resultant power outages are becoming more frequent and intense. Are you tired of losing power during these storms? Are you looking to improve your emergency preparedness? Then you are a prime candidate for a standby generator. Generators are the most reliable and cost effective emergency backup power solution available today. Don’t be left in the dark, call NW Wind & Solar your certified Generac Dealer and be prepared for the next winter storm!

Solar & Battery Backup Solutions

Battery storage technology for renewable energy is advancing rapidly. In states that have peak-use rates and are susceptible to rolling brownouts or blackouts, battery backup makes sense and cents. However, in western Washington our utility rates stay the same 24-hours a day and we don’t experience brownouts, making battery storage less about saving money and more about using battery backup for emergency power.

Nevertheless, if you are committed to battery storage as part of your energy solution, NW Wind & Solar can provide a design and an estimate for a PV energy system with battery backup to fit your renewable energy goal.

Current Battery Backup Solutions

Electric Vehicle “EV” Charging

Leviton is the most widely used and recognized direct manufacturer of EV chargers. Leviton chargers have universal plugs and adapters to fit all electric vehicle models. Most EVs come with a standard slow-charging level 1 charger that is often a re-labeled Leviton. By upgrading to a level 2 charger you can reduce your charging time by nearly 50 percent.

NW Wind & Solar is your local Leviton dealer. Contact us to fit your first EV charging station to your new electric car. And, if you are planning on solar for your home or business, please call for your free preliminary site evaluation and proposal.