We are changing the way we think about,
use, and create energy.

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We are changing the way we think about, use, and create energy.

NW Wind & Solar with over four decades of experience is your source for developing customized solar electric systems and wind generators for homes and businesses.

We partner with you to analyze and develop a comprehensive plan that will harness wind power and solar power, while effectively integrating the usage of renewable energy into your existing electrical system.

Let us prepare a free, no-obligation wind and solar energy evaluation of your home or business and show you the benefits of reducing or eliminating your dependence on the grid.

Please take a moment to watch a brief video on how solar systems produce energy.

Please take a look at our extensive project gallery featuring both commercial solar power and residential solar power.

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Washington State has reinforced its commitment to solar!

In July, the Washington State Legislature passed the Solar Jobs Bill, making solar more affordable for home and business owners.

Visit our Incentives and Credits page to learn how you can invest in solar for your energy future.

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